SF-SF SuperFast Semi-Heated Stove Fan


Embrace the next era of home heating with our sustainable stove fan. With advanced engineering that leverages your stove’s inherent warmth, this high-performance fan ensures rapid and even heat distribution across your living space, banishing cold areas. Its distinctive blade design, reducing drag, allows it to circulate air up to 25% more efficiently than competitors, delivering unparalleled warmth without reliance on batteries or external energy.

Upgrade to SuperFast Air Model: Includes all the features of the Standard model, PLUS an Aroma Pod and a complimentary 50ml bottle of essential fragrance, perfect for adding a delightful scent to your home.

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Maximised Heat Circulation

Redefining Comfort and Warmth

Enjoy a snug and warm living space with our SuperFast Semi-Heated Stove Fan. This fan is masterfully designed to quickly and efficiently circulate hot air throughout your home, ensuring you can say goodbye to cold spots and embrace even warmth in every corner.

A testament to its prowess, our unique blade design reduces drag, allowing our fan to drive air more effectively and increase air velocity. Unlike competitors, we maximize air circulation, providing superior warmth and efficiency. No longer will you need to settle for inefficient heat distribution and wasted energy. In a nutshell, our fan offers rapid, reliable, and resource-saving heat circulation.

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Energy-Efficient Design

Harnessing Stove Heat with Brilliance

Power without the plugs. Our SuperFast Semi-Heated Stove Fan is ingeniously powered by the heat from your stove, eliminating the need for batteries or external power sources. This design is not only efficient but environmentally friendly, positioning it as the smarter choice for modern homes.

Users consistently commend its seamless operation, appreciating how they get more heat from less fuel. Why lean on external power sources when your stove’s inherent heat suffices? In summary, our stove fan presents a green, cost-saving solution for your heating needs.

Superior Heat Draw Mechanism

Amplifying Warmth from the Source

More than just circulation – it’s heat amplification. The twin-legged base of our SuperFast Semi-Heated Stove Fan is specially designed to draw more warmth from your stovetop, ensuring you feel a noticeable increase in room temperature.

As confirmed by meticulous tests, our fan operates at 5°C hotter than rival brands, a testament to its unmatched performance. No longer should you compromise with subpar stove fans that simply underdeliver. With the SF-SF SuperFast, warmth is not just moved; it’s enhanced.

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Engineered for Excellence

Where Design Meets Optimal Function

Excellence is at the core of every spin. We’ve painstakingly engineered our stove fans to channel heat directly into the heart of your room with optimum efficiency. With a design optimised for reduced drag, users can expect peak performance every time. When matched against competing brands, our fans consistently set the benchmark, standing head and shoulders above the rest.

There’s no reason to be left in the cold embrace of inferior designs. To summarise, when it comes to unparalleled design meeting unmatched function, our fan is in a league of its own. Dive into engineering excellence today; make your purchase.

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Standard, Air Model

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Satin Black, Stainless Steel, Brushed Bronze


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