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Technical Questions

Can the stove fan be used on any type of stove?

Our Stove Fans are designed for use on top of freestanding wood stoves or cooking stoves with a surface temperature range of 132°C to 238°C.

Is any special maintenance required for the stove fans?

Regular cleaning with a soft damp cloth is recommended. Ensure the fan has cooled down before cleaning. Periodically tightening the fan blade may also be necessary.

What should I do if my stove fan starts making noise?

If the fan begins to emit noise, it is advised to move the fan away from the intensely hot central area to prevent overheating.

My stove fan isn’t spinning?

If your stove fan is not spinning, one potential issue could be the connector wires at the back of the fan. It’s important to check if these wires are securely connected. To resolve this, ensure the fan is cool and the stove is turned off, then gently push the connector wires together more tightly to ensure a good connection. If the problem continues, refer to the user manual or contact customer support for further guidance.

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