Aroma Pod Variety Packs – Essential Fragrance Collections (5 x 50ml Bottles PLUS Aroma Pod)


Patent pending GB2315157.4

Complete Aroma Experience: Each variety pack includes an Aroma Pod plus a curated selection of 5 distinct 50ml fragrance oils, designed for an immersive aromatic journey.

“Serene & Soothing” Collection: A tranquil blend featuring Purple Breeze, Lunar Lagoon, Cool Forest, Fresh Meadow, and Lemon Fresh – perfect for creating a peaceful, relaxing environment.

“Vibrant & Vivacious” Collection: An energizing mix of Sweet Sensation, Botanic Burst, Flower Bloom, Citrus Splash, and Forest Reverie – ideal for uplifting and revitalizing any space.

Easy to Use and Versatile: Suitable for use on log stove burners or cooker stove tops (stove top plate required for cooker tops).

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, ensuring a safe and environmentally conscious choice for your home.

UK Designed & Engineered: Proudly crafted in the UK, these essential fragrances are backed by dedicated expert UK technical support.

Aroma Pod Variety Packs - Essential Fragrance Collections (5 x 50ml Bottles PLUS Aroma Pod) £14.95

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Dive into the world of delightful aromas with Stove Fan Company’s Aroma Pod Variety Packs. Each pack is a treasure chest, unlocking a unique atmosphere in your home.

The “Serene & Soothing” collection is like a gentle whisper in a bustling world, bringing calm and tranquility to your spaces. On the other hand, the “Vibrant & Vivacious” collection is a burst of joy and energy, perfect for invigorating and brightening your day.

With each 50ml bottle, experience the transformation of your home into a haven of serenity or a hub of vitality. The easy-to-use Aroma Pod ensures a consistent, lasting fragrance dispersion, making every corner of your home an aromatic paradise.

Our customers love the flexibility and variety. Sarah from Bristol shares, “The ‘Serene & Soothing’ pack turned my home into a spa-like sanctuary,” while Josie in Manchester comments, “On rainy days, the ‘Vibrant & Vivacious’ scents bring a burst of sunshine indoors.”

Without these curated scents, you miss the opportunity to enhance the ambiance of your home, leaving it devoid of character and emotional depth.

Whether you’re looking to unwind or energize, these variety packs offer the perfect solution. Crafted with care and the finest natural ingredients, they promise to transform your living space into a realm of aromatic wonder.

Choose your preferred collection today – ‘Serene & Soothing’ for a tranquil escape, or ‘Vibrant & Vivacious’ for an energetic uplift. Enhance your home with the magic of fragrance. Embrace the essence of comfort and vitality with Stove Fan Company’s Aroma Pod Variety Packs.

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Serene & Soothing, Vibrant & Vivacious


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