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Stove Fan ‘AIR’ Upgrade Kit – Transform your Stove Fan (Includes x1 Aroma Pod & x1 50ml Essential Fragrance

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Patent pending GB2315157.4

  • Special Upgrade for SuperFast Owners: Designed specifically for those who have the SuperFast model, to elevate it with the aroma-dispersing capability of the SuperFast Air.
  • Aroma Pod Included: The key to transforming your fan, this Aroma Pod is engineered for seamless integration and optimal fragrance dispersion.
  • Limited Edition December Fragrance: Receive a 50ml bottle of our ‘Spiced Orange’ Essential Fragrance.
  • Effortless Use: The upgrade kit is crafted for ease, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced functionality with no fuss.
  • Optimized Fragrance Duration: The 50ml “Spiced Orange” essence provides around 4 hours of fragrance on high heat settings, ensuring a prolonged aromatic experience during your warmest moments.
  • Longer Lasting on Lower Heat: Extend the life of your fragrance when using lower heat settings on the stove fan, offering a more enduring scent experience in your home.  

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Stove Fan 'AIR' Upgrade Kit - Transform your Stove Fan (Includes x1 Aroma Pod & x1 50ml Essential Fragrance £9.99 Original price was: £9.99.£5.50Current price is: £5.50.
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Special Upgrade for SuperFast Owners

Introducing the ‘Stove Fan AIR’ Upgrade Kit, a delightful transformation for SuperFast stove fan owners. Picture this: It’s a frosty evening, you’re curled up by the fire, and your SuperFast fan not only spreads warmth but now, with this upgrade, wafts the soothing scent of serenity through your space. Designed exclusively for the SuperFast model, this kit elevates your fan into the realm of the SuperFast Air, making your cozy corner an oasis of aromatic bliss.

Aroma Pod: The Scent Symphony Conductor

The Aroma Pod is where the magic begins. This clever little device is the heart of the transformation, seamlessly integrating into your existing fan. It’s like adding a new instrument to an orchestra; the fan continues to spread warmth, but now it also disperses a symphony of scents, creating an ambiance that’s as inviting as a warm hug. Engineered for optimal fragrance dispersion, this pod ensures your home is not just warm, but wonderfully fragrant.

Limited Edition Fragrance: Spiced Orange

Embrace the festive spirit with our Limited Edition ‘Spiced Orange’ Essential Fragrance. Imagine the zest of citrus intertwined with the warmth of spices, filling your room with a scent that’s reminiscent of holiday joy and comfort. This 50ml bottle of aromatic wonder transforms your living space into a haven of nostalgic bliss, perfect for those cherished family gatherings or quiet winter evenings.

Effortless Use: Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Ease and sophistication go hand in hand with our Stove Fan ‘AIR’ Upgrade Kit. Designed for effortless integration, it’s a fuss-free enhancement to your SuperFast stove fan. It’s like giving your fan a quick, yet impactful makeover – no complex steps, no tedious processes. Just a simple addition that elevates your fan’s functionality and your home’s ambiance

Optimized Fragrance Duration: Savor Every Scented Moment

The magic of the Stove Fan ‘AIR’ Upgrade Kit continues with its ability to extend the life of your fragrance on lower heat settings. This means more enduring scent experiences, transforming your home into a sanctuary of continuous aromatic pleasure. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet book by the fire or hosting a dinner party, the ambiance remains beautifully scented, making every moment at home a little more special.

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