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Stove Fan Mastery: Picking the Prime Spot on Your Log Burner for The Ultimate Warmth

Being at the heart of the winter season, there is no better feeling than coming home from a cold, sharp environment to a roaring log-burning fire and a stove fan spinning away to push much-needed heat towards you and around the room.

Yet, despite the cosy scene, achieving ideal heat circulation in your space can pose a challenge at times. While tending to the fire is essential and simple to do, did you know that the placement of your stove fan holds the key to enhancing the warm-feeling experience?

Believe it or not, it actually can. 

Don’t put it there!

It may be seen as a perfect practice to place your stove fan in the middle of your log burner or as close to the flue as possible and watch it work its magic, but this could be more damaging than helping. 

This will be due to the location of the pipe/flue, which, once it’s in full flow, is the hottest section of the stove and even though the majority of fans have a self-regulated temperature mechanism (ours included), it may cause the fan to overheat and overwork, resulting in it vibrating or sounding like it’s underperforming.

This could also result in it needing to be repaired or replaced. 

The Best Location For It

Stove fan image v3

So where would your stove fan sit if it’s not centre? 

Well, the golden rule is to keep them near the back of the stove. Placing them near the front would make sense as that’s where most of the heat would be, right? Wrong. 

This positioning enables the fan to efficiently capture the heat produced by the wood-burning stove, pushing it forward and increasing the overall warmth in your living area.

Moving too far forward would result in very little warm air being circulated. 

Another reason to move it to the back of the fan (if possible), is for all-round safety. This could protect younger family members and household pets that may use the room at the same time. 

This Could Help Your Stove Fan 

Untitled 1

Rather than letting the fire build for an hour or so to reach a rough temperature, investing in a specialised thermometer is a great way to know when the optimal temperature has been reached to get the most out of your stove fan and also, preserve your stove and flue. 

Many of them are magnetic (including ours) and easy to read, with indicators showing when your fire is fine or too much. 

A stove fan is an affordable appliance that can improve the warmth of your room by circulating the heat from your wood stove. It can work with different stove types, including pellet stoves, gas stoves, and wood-burning stoves. 

The heat-powered stove fan does not require any additional costs. You only need to position it correctly to take advantage of the warm air so you can get the most out of your wood-burning stove. 

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