Stove Fan Service Kit – Revitalise Your Stove Fan’s Performance (Type 370 & 500 Motor)


Upgrade your stove fan’s efficiency with our comprehensive Stove Fan Service Kit. This kit includes:

  • High-performance TEG (thermoelectric generator)
  • Bi-metal strip
  • Thermal paste
  • Unique 2mm Allen key
  • Choice of either a type 500 or type 370 motor
Stove Fan Service Kit – Revitalise Your Stove Fan's Performance (Type 370 & 500 Motor) £12.95

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Unlock Longevity and Efficiency

Introducing the Stove Fan Service Kit, your key to enhancing the endurance and productivity of your trusty 370 and 500 stove fans. This comprehensive kit is engineered to push the limits, enabling your fan to endure temperatures of up to an astonishing 235°C, a remarkable upgrade from the typical 200°C threshold, thanks to the high-performance TEG (thermoelectric generator) included within the service kit.

Battle Wear and Tear with Confidence

Stove fans are no strangers to wear and tear, often stemming from the fatigue of the bi-metal strip. This degradation can significantly impede your fan’s lifting prowess and even jeopardize the health of your TEG (thermoelectric generator), exposed to the relentless heat. What truly sets our service kit apart is its inclusion of the bi-metal strip, a crucial component often missing from conventional kits. This invaluable addition breathes new life into your fan, restoring both its functionality and lifespan.

Optimise, Don’t Compromise

But wait, there’s more. Our kit includes an essential ingredient: thermal paste, a game-changer in your quest to maximize your stove fan’s performance. Without it, you could be losing out on an impressive 15-20% of your fan’s efficiency. Our kit guarantees you harness every ounce of your investment’s potential.

Silence the Noise, Embrace the Solution

Is your stove fan becoming a bit too vocal? Chances are, it’s the motor. Our service kit tackles this issue head-on, presenting a comprehensive solution complete with thermal compound, your choice of either a type 500 or type 370 motor, a TEG (thermoelectric generator), and we’ve taken that extra step to provide a unique 2mm Allen key, universally compatible with a wide range of stove fans. It’s the subtle details that can make all the difference.

Reignite Your Stove Fan’s Potential

Revive your stove fan’s performance, extend its lifespan, and relish a quieter, more efficient experience. It’s time to elevate your stove fan’s capabilities with our Stove Fan Service Kit. Upgrade today for a renewed and improved stove fan experience.

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